Banco Central do Brasil

About Investor Relations

In Brazil, the society and the financial community can count on the services of both the Banco Central do Brasil and the National Treasury Investors Relations Office.

The National Treasury Investors Relations Office was created in 2001, integrating the Coordenação Geral de Planejamento Estratégico da Dívida Pública – Cogep. The area has the focus on developing, maintaining and improving the relationship with participants of the national and international financial markets, aiming at providing transparency and more information regarding the management of the Federal Public Debt and the National Treasury financing policy, as well as contributing to the broadening of the investors' base.

Both Banco Central do Brasil and the National Treasury participate in the Brazil: Excellence in Securities Transactions (BEST Brazil) activities. The BEST Brazil initiative is aimed at providing the most comprehensive information on the developments of the Brazilian capital market, opportunities of investments and a closer channel of communication with the most prominent representatives of the Brazilian capital market. In addition to the Treasury and the BCB, this initiative also involves other official agencies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil, reinforcing the soundness of the regulatory framework and the organization of the Brazilian Financial System. The main activities of BEST Brazil consist of roadshows, meetings and other projects in the main financial centers all around the world. More information regarding BEST Brazil is available at